Coaching In Business Gives YOU The Edge

Coaching in business! Now we’ve all heard of a coach, in terms of a football team, a single athlete or even an entertainer, but for a business owner, that’s a new one! But as business moves into the new millennium and with the rapid expansion of the communication and IT industry it is becoming evident that the world doesn’t seem as big. As markets become global and competition increases consumers have greater choice. More and more business owners are looking for that edge or the fine-tuning that can make the difference in their businesses.

They are looking outside their normal resources for the information and guidance they realize is needed for them to develop and educate themselves and grow their own businesses. In business you’re either growing or you’re not growing (and in today’s market place that means you’re going backwards). In addition, a business will only grow to the level of the owner’s knowledge or beliefs. So the business owners who succeed, are those who look to increase their own knowledge, and prepare to accept changes in the way they think and do things. The challenge can be great for a business owner who wants to make these changes. It can be a complete shift in thinking.

For example instead of thinking, “I’m the only one that can do this properly” thinking becomes, “who in my team can do this.” When the business owner starts to think this way they become a manager running the business working “on it” not working “in it”. Time can then be allocated to determine ways of generating greater revenue for the business. In this process of change, having a coach or mentor is an extremely valuable ingredient. In business and in life you can achieve much more, being open to learning, change and the assistance of others. The most successful of people are the ones who realize this and seek all three in earnest.

What separates elite athletes from average athletes with great potential? Their thought processes, techniques, motivation and of course a fantastic coach. To be a top athlete you would already have natural ability, but maintaining it and constantly seeking to improve for that edge over the competition is what makes a winner – that’s where a coach comes in. Jim Rohn’s quote, “Never wish the job were easier, wish you were better!” says it all. Business is simple, people are complicated, changing your business can be the easy part, changing yourself and your team can be the greatest hurdle.

Having a business coach helps you maintain your motivation, refine your skills, gain constructive feedback and attain constant improvement in your business