6 Steps To A Better Business – Part – 1 Mastery

Each of these steps is very simple, but very very powerful. We start at the bottom here Mastery (pronounced with long “a”) well..Mastery (pronounced with short “a”) depends on what part of the world you’re from. You pronounce it different ways I say tomato, you say tomato…different things.
Being an Australian it’s funny, my accent’s understood in about half the world while the rest of the world’s goin’ “What is he sayin again?!”

It’s an interesting one, being Australian we understand that lifestyle is why you go into business. Building a business with that whole lifestyle aspect. This mastery is where we gotta start though. We start at the basics. We’ve got to get the absolute fundamentals right. The aim of this is to eliminate chaos in a business. How many of you have found that that business runs you, you don’t run the business, anyone in that scenario? Working too much, doing too many hours…

It’s a point where we have to change that sort of thing. Our idea is to get rid of the chaos, get rid of the putting out fires. Get rid of the reactive methodology of running the business and get proactive about the business where YOU RUN IT. Where you’re actually in control of this thing.

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