6 Steps To A Better Business – Part 2 – Niche

Brad Sugars: Stage 2, once we’ve got the stability from Mastery is about cash flow.

Most business struggle with cash flow. Most businesses aren’t making enough money to really grow at a rapid rate. If they had a lot more money coming in they could grow faster, they’d have the cash flow to do it.

Here what we’re doing is about creating a predictability of cash flow.

When we say the word Niche, what we’re looking about here is the marketing side of your business.

If I asked the average business owner these two questions. First question; how many pages…in fact you might like to write it down….how many pages are in your current written document marketing plan…?

Write the number down for me.

Probably a fairly round number for most of you isn’t it? The reality of when I ask that question for most people, it’s a pretty simple question, but most people don’t have an answer other than 0 pages or 1 or 2 pages.

Why? Because they don’t know how to write a marketing plan, they don’t know how to do marketing. Here’s the question do you want to put more money into marketing or less money into marketing, which one?

Group: (Mixed answers)

Brad Sugars: Well you guys say more, and you guys say less! Well hang on who’s right here!?

The people that don’t want to put money into marketing are the ones that know that “Every time I put money out there it just seems to be gone”.

The people that actually want to make money in their marketing they’re the people that sit there and say “Hang on…..if I put more in, I get more back!”

THAT’S what we want to teach you. That’s what my whole book Buying Customers is all about, so read that book as well. You gotta buy it first…make sure you buy those first. Great books, everyone should be reading all of my books.

I’m a salesman first and foremost…where are the other salespeople in the room?

OK, let me re-ask the question. Are we all in sales yes or no?

Group: YES

Brad Sugars: Yeah, we’re all in sales at some point, and this is the thing; If you believe in what you sell, you’ll sell it well.

We have to get the niche right. The marketing. Predictable cash flow has to be a part of our business day in and day out.

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