Time Robbers and What To Do About Them

Interesting week last week! I was sitting across the table from one of my clients, Daryl. His biggest frustration is getting everything done that he plans for the week. Have you ever had this problem?

Sure, most of us have…. we’ve either planned to do more than we possibly could, or, as is most commonly the case, we’ve allowed ourselves to be subjected to time robbers. Time robbers are the people or the things that distract us from achieving what we set out to do. These can be anything like customers dropping in for a chat, fixing mistakes made by your team, dealing with unimportant phone calls, etc… So, how can you deal with the time robbers in your life?

First, you have to identify what the time robbers are in your life. You can’t change anything if you don’t know what the problem is. Then, you must develop strategies for dealing with the robbers of your time and commit to implementing these strategies so you can get back on track to achieving what you set out to do each week.

What to do now:

1. Grab a blank sheet of paper and on the left hand side list the top 10 time robbers in your life (this should only take 3 minutes).

2. Look back over your list and visualize what life will be like when these time robbers are out of your life.

3. Then on the right hand side of your list write down possible strategies for dealing with your time robbers.

4. Finally, commit to dealing with your time robbers straight away. This commitment is the key to really regaining control over your time.


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