Why I Became An ActionCOACH

Before joining ActionCOACH 11 years ago, Steve had 30 years in business development. He has expertise in management, marketing and sales as well as recruiting top performers to his teams. His experience spans a diverse range of industries including finance, insurance, personal services and retail and wholesaling. His corporate background has allowed him to master how businesses make the transition from growth to maturity.

I’m Steve Wanmer, the ActionCOACH firm franchisee for Brisbane North in Queensland Australia. Just reflecting on why I’m in the business in the first place.

It came after  a quite successful career in the corporate world, and I was looking into getting into my own business. I stumbled across an advertisement for the ideal white collar franchise. I went a little bit further into detail as to what business coaching is about. I’d never put those two words together before so I was quite intrigued about the concept of coaching business owners. As we inquired and found out more about who was behind this, I was very impressed by Action’s vision of “World Abundance Through Business Re-Education”. That and the culture document, it was then 12 points of culture, an awful lot.

I remember my wife saying to me as we’re doing the due diligence “Well this is really an extension of what you’ve been doing all your life.” and I realized that it fits very closely with my personal purpose statement of helping people unleash their potential, and so the rest is history. I’ve now coached over 400 business over 16 years. I see this as the capstone of my working life, and I’m looking to make as big an impact as I can thought the multiplication factor that comes from helping business owners, and the extension of that through their employees and through the community. That’s me, Steve Wanmer!