How to Generate Qualified Leads with Facebook Advertising: Part One

Is your business looking to generate more leads? If yes then, have you considered using Facebook Ads for lead generation?You definitely should! You can optimize your Facebook Ads for lead generation and ensure your ads are being engaged with.The power of social media is truly astonishing. Here are some strategies to generate qualified leads with Facebook Advertising:

Increasing your Facebook Ad’s Click-Through-Rate

Use Good Images:

  • Include a person (usually a smiling, relatable woman) or use an interesting stock photo/
  • The 2nd and 3rd-most successful ad images are babies and animals (this is pretty much true across all social media marketing platforms)
  • Test an odd or funny image. These make Facebook users do a double-take and encourage them to read your headline and engage.
  • Remember K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid): Avoid complex images that Facebook users will just gloss over.

Have a good Headline:

  • Dollar and percentage signs, the word “Free”, and your Logo (if it’s well known) will attract the eye of Facebook users.
  • Focus your headline on being eye-catching and communicating value. Your body copy will encourage a click and tell users what to do.

Use Color and Detail:

  • Don’t use blue or white, as these colors blend into the Facebook color scheme and users’ eyes will just skim over your ad.
  • Instead, use orange, green and red: eye-catching, bright colors.
  • Borders; If your logo or the image you want to use is blue, keep the same image but throw a colorful border around it.
  • Borders, shadows (even increasing the yellow and green gamma on your image) can have an effect on your Facebook Ad’s click-through-rate. Remember the smallest details can have the greatest effect.

Now that your ads are getting clicks, we can get into the concrete strategies that result in a conversion in the next article.