The GREATEST Value in Life is NOT what you get … it’s what you BECOME

It has been my experience that most people know what they need to do to achieve the things they want to achieve in life and in business… but fail to do these things. As always it’s the “taking action” that counts. You may have all the knowledge and skills you like, but unless you apply this knowledge and skills there will be no change to your situation. So can I ask your permission to challenge you with a question or two? When was the last time you sat down and actually committed your goals to paper? I don’t mean thought about them … I mean actually writing them out on paper. There is something powerful that happens when you “think on paper.”

I encourage you to try it; it can be almost meditative, and releasing and healing. If life was made up of the following components: Career, Family, Financial, Mental and Spiritual, Physical, and Social; how do you stack up in each area? In what areas can you improve, in what areas are you strong? What goals have you “written down” for each of these areas to bring things back into balance or in which to grow? I would just quickly like to describe a process that I have found very powerful in achieving what I want to achieve. If you see a way that you can use it in your situation, please give it a try; you may be astounded at the results.

1. List 5 things you have done that you’re proud of.

2. List 50 things you want in the next ten years. Tabulate them according to the time in which you want to achieve them (1, 3, 5, 10 years).

3. Go through and pick out the most important (prioritize).

4. Why are these goals important to you? Write a sentence that gets to the heart of the matter as to WHY these goals are so important (when the WHY gets strong enough the how gets EASY).

5. Ask yourself what kind of person must you become to have/achieve all you want (2, 3 or 4 sentences).

6. Apply the SMART principle to your goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results, Timeframed) What’s the major purpose in setting goals?

I have asked myself this question many times and have come up with the usual answers like, to get the things that I want. Let me share a little revelation I had not so long back which changed my perception completely about goal setting. By setting goals and achieving them you become the person it takes to achieve them!! Set a goal to become a Millionaire…WHY? For what it will make of you to achieve it! The money is not important when you get it…it’s what you have become. (The GREATEST value in life is NOT what you get…it’s what you BECOME.) Since understanding this, goal setting has taken on a whole new dimension, and application for me. So with that in mind can I challenge you again? When setting goals, set the kind of goals that will make something of YOU! Don’t set goals too low, don’t join an “easy” crowd that let’s you off the hook. Get involved with people that make you produce, whose expectations are high, that make you reach, try and stretch!