Phone Sales

Phone sales are often the first encounter you’d have with your prospective client; an impression along with pitching a sale goes a long way in the business done with the other party, strengthening the relationship. As a business venture, larger orders and services would be required by the client, and for that, phone sales need to be effective in order to be productive.

Do your Homework

Prepare for the sales call beforehand; research on the industry and the company to be called for the sales transaction. It is better to possess the knowledge to not only give a good impression of your efficiency but also prepares you for any questions and details to be provided.

Calculated Time

Measure the time you’re going to engage your client for and plan your sales strategy accordingly. Busy schedules often leave people stressed out, and since it’s another office you’re calling at, they’d be busy with some tasks at hand too. So, it’s better to start with a general question to gauge the mood such as ‘how are you?’. State the purpose and get to business as soon as initial pleasantries are done with.

Voice and Script

A courteous tone serves sales professionals working on telephone calls well. It is however, to be kept in mind that the audience the call is directed to shall be kept in mind. Confidence should speak for itself in your call or your product/service would sound shaky itself. Also, prepare a generic script to practice, especially for each industry one is catering to.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a meeting in person for further details on the project to be discussed. It is better to plan it as soon as possible, and if the meeting is scheduled for some days after the sales call, follow up the client by an email reminder or a brief call.

Express Gratitude

Words of gratitude make it all worthwhile. The time your client has invested in your call was out of a busy schedule, so say words to express your gratitude for them taking the time out to talk to you; this will show them that you value them.

Numerous tips and tricks are devised for sales personnel and one could choose what suits well according to the industry you’re working in and the one who are your buyers so the action plan could be made accordingly.


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