Brad Sugars on Buying Costumers

The main goal of every business is to ensure that they buy their customers; in the sense, that they not only attract them to their offerings, but are also able to retain them and make loyal clients out of them. The concept of buying a customer, has earned great significance recently, which has prompted industry experts like, Brad Sugars, to write a book which discusses the idea in detail.

His book bears the title, ‘Buying Customers’, and provides valuable insight into the whole dynamics of understanding the actual cost of a customer acquisition. It also discusses the value brought by a lifetime customer.

The concept of buying customers, centers around the idea that companies need to allocate great importance to the concept of determining the actual customer acquisition or ‘purchase’ within a quarter.

While lead generation and other conversion activities are highly effective ways of retaining a customer, a good way to convince a potential customer is to show them the referral of a happily satisfied client. The focus of a company should thus, be on ensuring referrals from their A grade customers, but most fail to do so.

The Goal of Every Business

It is not at all hard to know who your greatest customer is and who brings the most value, as that can be determined from the conversion rates that are brought about because of his recommendations.

As the goal of the business is to generate as many customers as possible, companies have to try some challenging ideas to ensure success in their endeavor. The book written by Sugars discusses the importance of focusing around 80% of all your business and marketing efforts on the 205%of your customers who bring value.

If you want a business which has customers as their best asset, it is essential that you formulate effective strategies which will help grow the customer base, design an effective referral system and be able to generate a number of leads effectively.

When you aim to buy your customers, it is important to channel all your efforts and marketing investments in such a way that it offers you guaranteed results. But in spite of all the efforts it requires, if you are successful at ‘buying customers’, you can ensure profits and business success for yourself. It is, on the whole, a tricky business which warrants a lot of effort!

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