Getting Social-Long-Term Strategy

Staying on top of your social media analytics is paramount to creating a long-term winning strategy on any platform. We’ve already talked about an overall auditing strategy and daily social media activity. Now we’re going to delve into weekly, monthly, and quarterly strategies.


Run your social media analytics: This is essential. Stay on top of what’s trending and which posts are getting the most engagement. One of the great things about social media is that once you realize something isn’t working you can create a new strategy, test, and measure immediately. Luckily, each social media platform has analytic tools built in. Each of these systems is fairly intuitive and easy to use. Don’t be afraid of them. Just dive in.

Encourage your employees to engage and share your content: Employees are your brand advocates. Encourage them to share some of your content on their social media sites and benefit from their word-of-mouth marketing.  Do not, however, mandate this. Their personal channels are their choice


Audit your strategy: This is similar to checking your social media analytics, but instead, you dive much deeper into your data to figure out exactly how to approach social media marketing moving forward.


Assess KPIs: Once you have several months’ worth of data, you can assess how you’ve performed based on the KPIs you’ve chosen to measure your performance against. Did you reach your goals for impressions, clicks, mentions or new followers?

Remember, it’s important to remember to gauge your social media presence at the beginning with an overall audit so that you have something to measure against as you move on. Based on the data, decide what is working and what is not. Then adjust your strategy accordingly.

Happy posting!