Rick Plaskett

My name is Rick Plaskett, I live in Atlanta Georgia, and I’m a business coach in the ActionCOACH community.

In the last 8 years, I’ve journeyed beyond all my expectations, and daily I get to see that there’s so much more to experience. Thorough ActionCOACH, I’ve connected with some incredible minds, and some huge hearts. I’ve met national and international personalities, and I’ve learned from the best. Within ActionCOACH, I connect regularly with fun, funny and talented coaches, who inspire me. People who support me, who are willing to be part of my journey, and my success. People who regularly make me want to be better, our culture is simply amazing. As a business coach, I’ve been humbled to be part of many of my clients success stories. Some financial and business, others deep and personal. I’ve witnessed my clients with local awards in excellence, and others recognized nationally for their achievements. All have had a positive impact beyond their business, and well into their families, their friends, and the community. To my clients I say thank you for allowing me to be part of your joy.

I want to share a personal story I feel sums up the value I place on my journey withActionCOACH. It’s the story of a little Ford tractor. See recently my aunt celebrated her 90th birthday, and several months prior to that, my wife Karen suggested we surprise my aunt by presenting her with the family tractor fully restored. Now everyone who knows me, knows how fast I jumped on that idea. My mind was racing through every single step I had to take, to turn this rusted heap into something that looked and ran brand new again. I could do that! The challenge was to keep it a surprise from Aunt Mayme.

You see the tractor had not moved decades, the tires were flat and dry rotted, the paint had turned to rust..it just didn’t move. I had to reach out to others and through others, together, the surprise present grew from something that was just a replacement of a machine, to something that involved so many people, I never could have imaged the extent to which this project had grown.

In the end, that little Ford tractor became a magnet, that brought old stores and old friends together. It brought family from across the country together, and it sparked so many new stories and new memories. To think my first image was to do nothing but bring this old machine back to full functioning brand new looking machine and in the end the journey brought so much life and so many smiles to our Aunt Mayme, our family, and really the whole community.

Throughout this personal journey, I shared my challenges and my accomplishments with my family, my friends, and all other coaches in the ActionCOACH community. Together all helped me to deliver much more than I thought possible. You know my Army experience taught me to lead by example. My journey within Action has taught me how to do that, and my journey with Action has taught me to expand my vision of what can be done. You know to me the moral here is to watch people growth beyond what they thought possible, is one of the greatest gifts in the world, and even greater is to recognize that growth in me.

I’m Rick Plaskett, and I’m an ActionCOACH.